About Sabrosa Salt Co.

Sabrosa Salt Company is proud to introduce a line of seasoned artisan sea salts that will Make the Everyday Meal Gourmet.

Founded by sisters Melissa and Amanda in 2011, Sabrosa Salts unlock the natural intensity of flavors found in the foods we eat every day.

As the popularity of sea salt took flight, the sisters found themselves in their home kitchens combing the spice rack to achieve a distinct taste for their beef, poultry, fish and vegetables. Often they would enlist family members as unwitting taste-testers at holidays and gatherings.

Although they were procuring excellent feedback with honest opinions, they did not finalize their tinkering until they had tackled the military’s MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat).

Deployed in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Amanda’s husband looked forward to his cards and letters from home as much as he did his care packages containing the nascent culinary creations dreamt up by his wife and sister-in-law.

Amanda's husband shared the jars of seasoned sea salt with his fellow soldiers much to their delight and the days of 'underground' focus groups were over and the refining of their concoctions was now complete.

What began a hobby has blossomed into a full line of specialty sea salt products that range from a Fired Up! kick to the catch-all Everything Salt and the most surprising combination of unexpected flavors: Cumin-Cinnamon Salt.

None of these creations would have been seen outside of the sisters' dinner tables had it not been for a series of fortuitous events in 2011. Like many Americans, Melissa and Amanda joined the ranks of the unemployed and began weighing their options about how best to re-enter the workforce.

After much deliberation and in the true entrepreneurial spirit that this country thrives on - they rolled up their sleeves, dug deep into their savings and sought advice and counsel from those closest to them.

The results have been extraordinary.

Searching the world for the finest and most flavorful sea salt has yielded a sensational product containing two different crystal sizes of French sel gris with 7 different herb and spice combinations to ensure that every meal can experience a richness of flavor that really does

Make the Everyday Gourmet! ®